David Life

Bios are hard for me to digest. The idea that a picture could be painted of me with some little list of factoids is untenable. The only thing that gives me credibility as a yoga teacher is the graceful association with my teachers. Sometimes I like to read bios because it tells me things about a person that I didn't know and to that end, here is a list of all the significant jobs that have come my way over the past 60 years, in order:
Lawnmowing and snowshoveling, Paper delivery, Beer and Wine store stockboy, Forklift driver in Corrugated box company, Phone order taker, Dishwasher, Cafeteria manager, Welder in Steel MIll, Apartment building super, Silk screen production and designer, Graphic designer, Illustrator, Artist, Poet, Life Cafe owner, Yoga teacher, Bio writer!

Certification: Advanced
Degrees: BFA
Publications: Jivamukti Yoga, The Art of Yoga, Yoga Assists

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